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How Does the Worthmore Impact Pool Work?
How Does the Worthmore Impact Pool Work?
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1. What is Worthmore's Impact Fund?

Worthmore's Impact Fund is a unique initiative created to discover and support individuals, projects, and organizations that share our common goal of creating a better future. We believe that by investing in these initiatives, we can help to co-create a world we can all be proud of.

2. How is the Impact Fund financed?

The Impact Fund is primarily financed through the profits of Worthmore. For every subscriber, we contribute 15kr per month directly into the Impact Fund. This consistent and reliable funding allows us to continually support new and ongoing initiatives.

3. How does the Impact Fund work?

The Impact Fund works by identifying and supporting initiatives that align with our goal of creating a better future. Once an initiative is identified, we provide them with the necessary financial support from the fund. The initiatives range from individual projects to larger organizations.

4. Why should I switch to Worthmore?

By switching to Worthmore, you're not just becoming a subscriber; you're becoming part of a community that believes in creating positive change. Your subscription directly contributes to the Impact Fund, enabling us to support more projects and organizations. Plus, you'll be part of an inspiring network of individuals who are actively working towards a brighter future.

5. How does Worthmore ensure the effectiveness of the Impact Fund?

We are committed to ensuring that every krone contributed to the Impact Fund is used effectively. We do this by carefully vetting every initiative we support, tracking the progress of supported initiatives, and sharing updates with our community.

6. Can you tell me more about how Worthmore was inspired by Beast Philanthropy?

Absolutely! Beast Philanthropy, an initiative by popular YouTuber MrBeast, showed us how powerful it can be when influencers activate their networks for good causes. We were inspired by their ability to mobilize millions of people towards charitable causes and saw an opportunity to create a similar impact through our platform. Like Beast Philanthropy, we believe in harnessing the power of community to create positive change.

7. How can I stay updated on the projects supported by the Impact Fund?

We regularly share updates and stories about the people, projects, and organizations supported by the Impact Fund on our website and social media platforms. By subscribing to Worthmore, you'll also receive our newsletter which includes detailed progress reports and success stories.

8. How can I contribute more to the Impact Fund?

As a subscriber, you're already contributing to the Impact Fund! However, if you'd like to contribute more, you can upgrade your subscription plan or make a one-time donation to the fund.

9. How can I suggest a project or organization for support from the Impact Fund?

We're always on the lookout for new initiatives that align with our mission. If you know of a project or organization that could benefit from our support, please reach out to us via our website.

Remember, every subscription counts towards creating a better future. By subscribing to Worthmore, you're joining a community that's actively working towards positive change. Let's co-create a future we can all be proud of.

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