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How reliable is the Worthmore 5g Network?
How reliable is the Worthmore 5g Network?

Providing reliable service through our partnership with Telenor & Telia

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Worthmore, as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), operates on the Telenor network in Denmark, providing you with the same expansive and reliable coverage as Telenor users, both within Denmark and across the EU.

We're excited to share that Telenor and Telia are currently expanding their network with 5G technology. This advancement builds upon the already fast 4G network, increasing capacity to ensure the best connectivity experience. Worthmore subscribers will have access to this 5G network wherever it's available, enjoying the same level of access as Telenor customers.

5G is already accessible in many locations across Denmark, with full deployment in the five largest cities. Each week, Telenor and Telia activate 40 new 5G-ready masts. Their goal is to offer 95% of all customers access to a 5G connection by the end of 2023.

Your Worthmore subscription includes 20 GB of data and unlimited talk and text within the EU. This allows for seamless mobile usage when traveling abroad, just as you would at home.

To check the coverage in your specific area, please refer to Telenor's interactive coverage map by clicking the button below. Please note that coverage may vary due to your device, geographical factors, or network infrastructure limitations.

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